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Cases of pickpocket do not make a big number in the registered theft cases, though it doesn’t mean, that pickpocket is a “disappearing” type of crime.  Merely, a significant number of pickpocket remains latent, as a large number of victims, based on the amounts stolen, or for other reasons, prefer not to apply to Police and report on the case.
A pickpocket is a type of crime, in which the connection offender - victim is direct.  Any pick pocket, as opposed to those, who prefer theft, clearly realize, that they can meet the counteraction of the victim at any minute.
The representatives of “profession”, that demands a “high professionalism”, mainly work in crowded places, and, as a rule, they don’t work alone; trying to avoid “uncovering” or being caught, the pickpockets usually have assistants, who, if needed, can distract attention or remove the stolen things from the crime scene.
If desired, any vigilant person can discover pickpocket in the markets or trade-fairs; they are, as a rule, not interested in the offered goods, but are obsessed with the customers’ wallets, purses and pockets.  One of them is looking for a target, and when he finds a handy candidate, he makes a sign to his accessories, who in their turn, create an opportunity of jamming or use other method for attention distracting, in the mean time one of the offenders extends his hand to the victim’s purse or pocket, takes out the wallet, which he immediately passes to the third accessory, who is passing by.  After it happens, even if the victim realizes immediately, that his wallet is gone, he, nevertheless, cannot blame the suspicious person in the theft, as at that moment the wallet, a material evidence of theft, is in the hands of a totally different person, who, as a rule, remains unnoticed for the people being present.
When the pickpocket realizes, that his “skilful hands” are unable to fulfill the task, he put the cutting tools into action.
The pickpockets prefer to work in the public transport, markets and stores, near ATM machines, etc.
Not to suffer from pickpockets’ actions, it is necessary to strictly follow a few rules.
First of all, when you go shopping, don’t take with you more money, than is needed.  If possible, use non-cash payment methods, e.g. plastic cards.
If, in any case, it is necessary to hold some amount of money, we advise not to keep the whole amount in the same wallet or in the same pocket; divide money into parts and keep them in different pockets, as it would be better to lose a part, and not the whole sum. It is safer to use inside pockets, especially ones, that have fasteners.
Put your wallet in the pocket or in the purse in such a way, that nobody would notice it, it is advisable not to put the wallet, money or other valuables into the rear pocket of the pants.  The wallets, that could be hanged at the neck of attached to the belt, are considered safer, in that case the pickpocket would be unable to act unnoticeably, though even under those conditions the pickpocket can make a try.
It is advisable to women to keep the purses locked, and in the crowded places pull it at their front and keep a hand on it.  In supermarkets avoid putting the purse into the cart, as the thieves may distract your attention and steal it from the cart.
Avoid “publicly” counting the contents of the wallet.